Hearts, lungs, spleens, tripe, brains, gall bladders, other offal and organs – frozen and freeze dried.

Maverick Bovine, Porcine, Equine, Ovine, Caprine and Cervidae hearts, lungs, spleens, tripe, brains, gall bladders and other offal are procured from animals that have been ante and post mortem inspected by federal government veterinarian inspection and passed fit for human consumption.

Materials are produced in compliance for export to the EU, USA, Middle East and Asia and many other nations around the globe. The range of materials from the reproductive tract can be procured also such as seminal vesicles, testes and ovaries. Products may be packaged individually, bagged, layer packed or bulk packed in poly lined cartons. For larger long term business relationships freezing in nude blocks is also carried out.

Packaging will be customised to meet client requirements; we regularly ship in 12,000 – 24,000kg ocean going containers, whilst we also deliver smaller volumes in the 5-20 kgs range for sampling materials, via airfreight.

Maverick has access to freeze drying facilities in both Australia and New Zealand that allow us to freeze dry to your specific requirements. Maverick is well placed to expand the business in this sector.