Diagnostics and Media Materials.

Maverick Biosciences has built customised supply chains for a range of diagnostics and media manufacturers in the USA and European Union. Some materials sourced were done so with extreme urgency as a client had advised us “human lives were at risk”. Maverick “Makes it Happen”!

Once a very clear understanding of what your current and future needs may be we will design a draft supply chain solution for discussion and review. A philosophy of Continual Improvement operating within our Business Excellence Framework allows us to generate improvements for clients often not perceived by the client prior to the formation of our business relationship.

Our significant experience within the animal derived biologicals sector in Australia and New Zealand delivers value for our global clientele.

Materials produced are done so in complete compliance with client needs for regulatory approvals and market access. Australian and New Zealand materials are produced in accordance with the vast number of global importing countries requirements. Where GBR1 bovine materials are not necessarily required we are still utilised heavily as a dual source, and DISEASE RISK management solution.

The quality systems in place and procurement approach at Maverick are pivotal in ensuring our clients needs are met from afar. The expertise built within the organisation for the management of the Quality Infrastructure and Operations ensures that client audit requirements are completed in entirety and on time as per client inquiry and routine, dictate.

Greater Value is generated from our focus on:

Supremely defining and producing materials against specific product outcomes (Eg. Focussing on an age, breed or species of animal so as to enhance yields, OR working with a supply partner that can enhance packaging format or temperatures the materials are handeld at) and customising the supply chain so as to ensure present and future requirements can be readily met.

Shipments are routinely undertaken in 20 or 40 foot frozen ocean going container, and also air freighted materials chilled, frozen or ambient> most countries of the world can be reached via our logistical relationships. Temperature loggers can be inserted as per client requirements.

Animals we source from include, bovine, ovine, porcine, equine along with venison and others upon request.