Why choose Maverick Bio?


Maverick Bio is a thriving regional business built on down-to-earth people like you. And we’re growing. That’s why we’re investing in our people more than ever before.

When you join Maverick Bio, you’ll discover more than a place to work. You’ll become part of a close-knit family. We’re good, everyday people who want to work hard and do the best job we can, together.

Our mission is to improve and save lives around the world. And we’re here for the long-term. With the support, training and flexibility you need, you’ll feel safe, secure and valued, so you can be your best at work and home.

Join #teammaverick and you’ll find:

Real success where you’d least expect it

You might not have heard of us – we’re OK with that. But in Maverick, you’ll find a true Australian success story. A down-to-earth, regional business making a global impact, we’ve achieved unprecedented growth. There’s so much opportunity ahead, and we’re primed to make it happen. In fact, we already are.

Real people, real work

Maverick’s success is built on our hard-working teams, from our vital production operators and logistic experts to quality managers and support specialists. Wherever you’re based, whatever you do, you’ll connect with down-to-earth, everyday people who strive to achieve great things.

Real global impact

Our work isn’t always glamorous, but it matters. Our world-renowned products contribute to life-saving medical procedures, vital health research, and much more. So, whatever your role here, you’ll know you’re helping save and improve lives across the globe.

Real change and ongoing improvement

Maverick’s an established, well-run business. And we’re pushing for even better every day. We’re optimising processes and systems and investing in culture and leadership. Why? To ensure we’re on the leading edge and that our people get the support and recognition they need along the way.

Why move to Dubbo?

How many hours a day do you spend commuting? And how many days does that equal over a year? Imagine if you could put all those hours into more quality time with your...

Chris’ Story

How Chris Lucan struck the perfect balance between career and lifestyle and at Maverick, you can, tooChris Lucan needed a place to put down roots for his family. He...

Amanda’s Story

Saving lives for a living: How Amanda discovered real people, real purpose, and an incredible career at Maverick Amanda Brown had been searching for a role to fit...

AQIS intermediate product listing Approved

Subsequent to a recent AQIS Audit Maverick has been granted Intermediate Products listing to the EU. Approval was granted 25th January 2012.  

AQIS intermediate product listing, for Biological Export to the EU, Imminent

Maverick recently received an audit by Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) personnel with regard to attaining listing as an exporter of "intermediate...

Maverick Biomaterials continued success with 3 Dimensional (3D) fixation (glutaraldehyde cross – linking) of bovine – porcine pericardium

Maverick Biomaterials is continuing to advance its IP portfolio with regard to 3 Dimensional (3D) fixation of specifically sourced raw pericardium from it supplier...

12 Monthly Surveillance Audit by DNV

13th January 2011, Maverick Biosciences Limited and Maverick Biosciences (NZ) Limited today received a surveillance audit by Det Norske Veritas. There were no 'Non...

ISO.9001:2008 Certification

11th January 2010. Maverick Biosciences Pty Limited and Maverick Biosciences (NZ) Limited was today awarded ISO.9001:2008 certification by Det Norske Veritas, valid...

Supremely customised pericardium production trial begins

In June 2009 Maverick commenced a 3 month trial production of pericardium against very tightly defined specifications, targeting achievement of a significant increase...

Glutaraldehyde processing work commences in Dubbo, Australia

Maverick has been working with a number of start-up clients to resolve their need for "backroom" processing activities to be undertaken as an outsourced function so as...

Great Opportunity. Unexpected Place.