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Maverick exports Animalterials and Animalogicals to most continents of the world, to over 15 countries. Shipments are undertaken chilled, frozen, freeze dried and ambient to clients’ required time and temperature requirements. Shipments are undertaken in 40 foot ocean going containers weighing 25,000kgs to 200gm air freight samples.

We routinely ship to the USA, Asia and EU within 48 hour timelines, holding temperatures of chilled tissues between 2-8° Celsius in validated shippers. We can ship in validated shippers to -70° Celsius and upwards.

To do so successfully, Extreme attention is paid to:

  • Importing Country requirements.
  • Documentation.
  • Logistics partner selection and management.
  • Airline partner selection and management.
  • Equipment providers (validated shippers, temperature loggers/indicators, packaging, etc).
  • Matching the level of care appropriate to the product and clients needs, with the level of investment in logistical solution.