Pericardium & Porcine Valve Materials

Bovine (cow), Equine & Porcine Pericardium – Porcine Valve

Maverick GBR1 Bovine, Porcine and Equine pericardium are produced for export for manufacture globally, meeting the complete tissue requirements of some of the largest global manufacturers and regulatory bodies. Maverick systems and processes facilitate client compliance with 22442-2 and other ISO regulations

Maverick has extensive pericardium production experience, combined with a deep understanding of the livestock and slaughtering industries, and combines this experience to deliver specialised pericardia materials to clients with a specific focus on attributes such as:

  • Pericardium thickness.
  • Pericardium surface area.
  • Pericardium pre-selection and template cutting.
  • Traceability requirements.

We build customised solutions that deliver enhanced yield outcomes, and finished product performance attributes.

Glutaraldehyde fixation of pericardial tissues is underway at the Dubbo premises working to client specific fixation formulae.

Porcine heart valves

Maverick Biosciences Porcine heart valves are produced in cooperation with a range of slaughterhouses throughout Australia, providing us the reach across the industry to meet specific gauge/diameter requirements of our clientele. Valves are excised from the heart, and cusps can be sized as required so that overall yields are maximised. Materials can be shipped as a whole heart, or as a single sized cusp, depending on client requirements.

Materials can be shipped as a whole heart, or as a single sized cusp, depending on client requirements.

Materials are sourced from pigs that are traceable back to property of origin and have been raised under an on farm quality assurance regime.

Mavericks Dubbo facility based in central NSW provides us the opportunity to receive materials into a central facility to facilitate further gauging, trimming or glutaraldehyde fixation prior to exportation, as timelines, customer requirements and strategy dictate.

Glutaraldehyde Tissues Fixation

Maverick Biosciences has commenced glutaraldehyde fixation of bovine pericardial tissue and porcine valves, in Dubbo, Australia. Tissues are procured by our production teams to specified quality parameters and transported to our Dubbo facility within 24 hours of animal slaughter.

Slaughterer Audits are ably conducted by Mavericks Quality Department prior to tissues being received into the facility, in accordance with regulatory body submission needs. All training requirements of our clients and the regulatory bodies, and ongoing audit requirements are completely managed by Mavericks Quality Department.

Fixation in Australia allows us to capture and analyse yield feedback in “real time” that can contribute to ongoing process improvements with tissue production, whilst eliminating constraints around time & temperature, logistical routing and bio burden.

Small volume samples can be produced utilising your fixation formulae. After a Non Disclosure Agreement is completed, processing requirements and shipment timings can be confirmed. Please email your request to us at

Ovine & Kangaroo heart valves

Given Maverick’ extensive experience in the porcine valve production sector along with trial activity with kangaroo valves, we are well placed to team up with organisations to further explore cooperation on kangaroo and ovine heart valves performance analysis. Maverick kangaroo and ovine heart valves would be produced as per our usual production and quality regimen and we would welcome your inquiry and subsequent exploration into this arena.