Saving lives for a living: How Amanda discovered real people, real purpose, and an incredible career at Maverick
Amanda Brown had been searching for a role to fit around her young family. At Maverick Bio, she found that balance and so much more. It may be the career Amanda least expected, but our Production Technical Coordinator will tell you that joining #teammaverick was the best move she’s made. Not only is Amanda building an incredible future with an innovative regional business – she’s also helping to save lives around the world.

Great opportunity, unexpected place

When Amanda Brown first set foot on Maverick Bio’s production floor, it wasn’t quite what she expected. There’s no sugar coating it – producing enhanced animal-derived biomaterials for life-saving medical procedures isn’t always glamorous. But the impact our team has on human healthcare is felt across the globe.

Amanda says. “I was looking for some work to suit my family and landed a Production Worker role at Maverick. I had no idea what working in an abattoir meant – I was a city girl! It was a bit confronting at first, but it didn’t take long to get used to it, and seeing the importance of our work made me want to stay. Knowing that every single piece of tissue I touched had the potential to go into someone’s body and save their life struck a chord with me.”

Since joining #teammaverick in 2011, Amanda’s career with us has gone from strength to strength. From 2IC to Team Leader and now Production Technical Coordinator, this humble yet driven team player has truly found her place at Maverick Bio. And we are so proud of Amanda’s role in helping us take our grassroots Australian success story to the next level.

“I love it when people ask me what I do because it’s so unusual. Most of the time, no one knows this work happens. It’s exciting to see people’s reactions when they learn more about the industry. I’m proud of what we do.”

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Regional roots, global impact

As Production Technical Coordinator, no two days are the same for Amanda – and that’s just the way she likes it. One day, she could be in a meeting room with our executive leaders; the next, on the slaughter floor alongside our production staff.

“My role involves a lot of travelling between sites in different states, which keeps things interesting. I help our teams with their day-to-day production, refining processes and identifying improvements. I also investigate new products for clients, which is really exciting. It’s important to me that we provide them with the highest-quality products possible.”

Before joining Maverick Bio, Amanda worked part-time in office temping roles and hospitality. It’s incredible to think that now, she is key to advancing the medical device industry. The animal-derived products Amanda helps identify and manufacture are exported worldwide and used in life-saving medical procedures and products, such as heart valves, vaccines, surgical grafts, wound care and collagen.

There’s no doubt Amanda’s influence and achievements have strengthened our position as a global medtech leader. This humble leader feels the impact of her work every day, but there’s one “Eureka” moment Amanda holds close to her heart.

“I was looking for a specific piece for a client who didn’t have a clear idea of what they needed for their medical product. I was at the abattoir at the time, speaking to the client via text messages and sending photos of different materials. We then identified this particular piece. We sent samples to the client, and it was exactly what they needed. We were able to provide a product 10 times better than what they’d received in the past. That was really exciting.”

Real people, real growth

At Maverick Bio, Amanda feels part of a close-knit team. She’s surrounded by real, down-to-earth people who aren’t afraid to pull up their sleeves but can have a laugh at the same time.

“Our site crew is great – they’re a fun and happy bunch who work hard to deliver the best. Maverick does everything they can to help us feel connected. They put on barbecues and lunches to get people together. And although I travel a lot, I bring a lolly jar with me wherever I go to make people smile.”

Now that Amanda’s children are young adults, she has more time to pursue her interests outside of work, like softball and art projects. She values the flexibility Maverick’s given her over the years, and is especially grateful for the investment in her professional growth.

“I’ve had great opportunities at Maverick, and I’m excited about the business’s direction. We’re not standing still. We’re proactive and constantly looking for new products to offer clients. For me, that’s really exciting. The thing I hope for the most is to find that one special piece that will change everything for the medical industry.”

Thanks to real people like Amanda, Maverick Bio has achieved so much, and we’re primed for even greater growth. We just need more good people to join our team.

So, if you’d like a rewarding career with a global operation that’s proud of its regional roots, Amanda has the following advice:

“You don’t need a background in biomaterials. Maverick will teach you everything you need to know. If you join our production floor team, it can be a challenging environment at first. But hang in there. I wasn’t too sure when I first started, but I’m still here – and I’m glad I am. Stick with it, and remember where our products are going. You’re not just a process worker at Maverick – you’re doing a job that’s really helping people. And I think that’s so rewarding.”

Great opportunity. Unexpected place.

At #teammaverick, you’ll be looked after and supported to succeed. Do real work that matters and discover your career opportunity at Maverick Biosciences.


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