Real global impact: How Dylan Pope is shaping his incredible R&D career in the place he least expected

Dylan Pope is a driven young chemist who pushes for better every day. Joining Maverick Bio as a Production Technician, he immediately identified the need for a Research and Development Scientist to take our global business to the next level. So, Dylan pitched an intriguing proposal to our executive team – and created his own incredible opportunity in the place he least expected.

Taking the initiative

Dylan Pope’s passion for medical science began during his gap year. He’d just finished high school and started a position in Dubbo Base Hospital’s pathology lab. Inquisitive and driven to learn, Dylan loved his work so much that his gap year turned into three. Yet, he increasingly felt he could make a greater impact on patient health outcomes through research and development. 

After moving to Newcastle, Dylan completed his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Organic Chemistry. He researched natural products and organic synthesis for his Honours degree, honing his expertise in biochemistry.

When Dylan’s partner landed a role in Dubbo, he joined Maverick Bio as a Production Technician. Dylan’s passion for medical research and innovation was clear from day one – yet at that time, in early 2020, #teammaverick didn’t have a dedicated R&D expert. Six months later, Dylan decided it was time to pitch his proposal.

“I explained to Chris Lucan, our Operations Manager, that I’d like to take on a role as Research and Development Scientist,” Dylan says. “Chris helped me set up a meeting with some of our executives, including Ben Rogers, our CEO. I prepared a presentation outlining the benefits of R&D for the business and what we could achieve. It was pretty unusual for a CEO to give half an hour of his time so a Production Technician could pitch a job he wants, so I was really grateful.” 

Dylan’s initiative paid off, as Maverick Bio at that time was preparing to invest more into Research and Development. He was granted a trial period in his proposed role, which soon extended into a 12-month contract. Now, Dylan is our full-time Research and Development Scientist, whose experiments and research ensure our animal-derived biomaterials are innovative, effective, and contribute to life-enhancing medical procedures worldwide.

“It’s not easy to get your first job out of uni, but Maverick gave me a go. They’ve listened to me and helped me realise my dream of becoming an R&D Scientist. I appreciate all the opportunities I’ve had here. It’s just a great place to work.” 

Real people doing real work that matters

Each day presents new ideas and challenges for Dylan. In between planning and performing experiments in the lab, our R&D Scientist supports all areas of the business by answering technical questions, solving problems, and advancing our biomedical knowledge. 

“I’m a life-long learner, and I get to learn something new here every day. There’s always a new challenge to face, and I just love it. It’s my dream job in a lot of ways. I get to spend my days contributing to the progression of medical knowledge and improving our products, which ultimately save lives.” 

Dylan never expected he’d move back to his childhood home of Dubbo. In fact, he didn’t even know Maverick Bio existed before he joined us. Dylan had always assumed he’d need to live in a city to grow his career – which is why he relishes the opportunity to succeed in this vibrant regional city.

“I love the pace of life here. It’s not rushed, and I know my neighbours by name. Buying a house in the area is still very realistic, so there’s a real chance to start a family here. We have music festivals, we’ve got decent restaurants – there’s a lot of variety, so it’s the right sized town for me.”

Workplace culture is also important to Dylan, and at #teammaverick, he’s found real people who support each other to succeed. 

“It’s a friendly and open culture. I’ve made genuine friendships here, which you don’t get in every workplace. They’re the kind of people you can have a beer with outside of work. Everyone’s also really good at their job. They take pride in their work, and they do it well.”

Primed for even greater growth

While Dylan helps our Australian success story continue to grow, Maverick Bio supports his ongoing development, too. He’s undertaken a course in 3D modelling software and gained critical insights from renowned experts at a national biomaterials conference. 

“A dedication to quality is a big part of what we do here,” Dylan says. “It’s a growing business that’s broadening its horizon and looking at more ways to innovate. It’s an exciting time to join this business – there are a lot of great changes coming.”

Dylan looks forward to accelerating his career at #teammaverick, where his meaningful contribution to medical research makes a real difference in lives around the globe. 

“We do some incredible work at Maverick. I’d love to see the business reach its potential, and I want to be a part of that. I have big dreams for research and development, and I can’t wait to see it continue to grow.”


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