R&D Industry Sectors

Maverick has extensive experience in the Animalogical supply chain from conception, raising, feed lotting, slaughter and Animalogical extraction/production. Our knowledge of animal variation and the associated varying attributes of the tissues, can deliver enhanced finished product outcomes for the manufacturer.

We work daily with manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Diagnostics, and Medical Devices globally. Most of the product range produced daily by Maverick is done so within customised supply chains that have been researched, structured and built by Maverick to deliver against particular client needs, expectations and strategic intent.

We currently supply R&D materials to clients working in the orthopaedic (ACL repair and bone substitutes) and hernia repair sectors, and one developing endovascular prosthesis.

There are of course a vast number of Animalogicals (Wikipedia entrant # 2) that we procure and produce. The business of Maverick Biosciences is that of creating customised supply chain solutions for companies throughout the world, utilising our significant experience in the animal derived biologicals sector in Australia, New Zealand, and around the globe.

Other materials we have been approached for include

  • Bovine and ovine eyes.
  • Porcine and ovine placenta.
  • Ovine and equine amniotic fluid.
  • Porcine bladders.
  • Bovine gall bladder bags.
  • Bovine ureters.

We would value very much your advice ccrowley@maverickbio.com as to the item you require, that is not listed on our website, and we will provide you an opinion re: harvest & production capabilities, constraints applicable to the supply landscape and ongoing viable commercial supply volumes within 7 days of inquiry.