Maverick has built a number of cartilage based supply chains for manufactures of Chondroitin Sulphate in Asia and the EU. Maverick utilises its extensive geographical reach to procure from slaughterhouses throughout Australia and New Zealand, so as to be able to accumulate the required volumes to satisfy manufacturers needs for large volumes of material yielding <4%.

All cartilage materials are collected from animals that have been ante and post mortem inspected by federal government veterinarian inspection and passed fit for human consumption. Bovine and ovine cartilage materials have been the predominant materials collected, and include trachea, scapula cartilage, and gullet/larynx.

Slaughterhouses will be visited by Maverick personnel prior to start-up to ensure that required cutting lines/specifications are well understood, and to gain an understanding as to expected yields from the finished materials. Packaging is in poly lined bulk packed cartons, whilst some materials have been produced in nude block formation where the business relationship and client needs warranted it.