Blood Products

Maverick Biosciences has exported bovine plasma for many years from both Australia and New Zealand, and also exports Adult Bovine Serum, Adult Bovine Haemoglobin (Hemin/Red Cell), New Born Calf Serum and Foetal Bovine Serum. Blood products are procured from animals that have been ante and post mortem inspected by federal government veterinarian inspection and passed fit for human consumption. Audits of the supply chain with/for our clients are commonplace.

Bovine blood products are produced in varying package types, and sizes, ranging from 4 litre pails to 20kg naked blocks and 200kg containers. Age segregated material can also be produced to meet client and regulatory body needs. Supply chains in this sector are routinely built on a customised basis with careful selection criteria an imperative, when determining the source of supply to ensure regulatory requirements are achieved.

Material would be eligible to achieve EDQM certification if clients were pursuing such certification.

Equine and rabbit blood products are also available to be produced against specific client needs.