Tendon Materials

Bovine, Porcine, Equine tendons – whole or completely trimmed.

Maverick bovine, porcine, and equine tendons are produced for manufacturers of a range of collagen based tissue implants and substrates.

Raw materials are procured from animals passed fit for human consumption after complete ante and post mortem inspection has been completed by qualified veterinarian officers and meat inspection personnel. The on farm growing/raising attributes are also considered when sourcing decisions are made.

Given our understanding of the rigorous requirements of manufacturers of these materials our on site production is geared to meet and exceed requirements. Materials are fully traceable by batch, age verified via dentition (and other mechanisms as required) and finished packaging is carried out in complete conformance with clients’ specific and varying requirements.

Bioburden monitoring on tendon production can be carried out on a regular basis and graphed to monitor levels in conjunction with control limits. Surfaces, equipment, raw materials, atmosphere and finished product are all part of our ongoing test regimen.

Finished product can be shipped in frozen form to client requirements at specified temperatures in validated shippers to as low as -70° Celsius. Temperature logging devices are commonly placed/utilised in shipments.