Serosal Membranes

GBR1 Bovine, Porcine and Equine Serosal Membrane (Peritoneal/peritoneum & Pericardial membranes)

Maverick Biosciences Bovine, Porcine and Equine pericardium for hernia repair, surgical patch, cosmetic surgery and other material are produced in strict compliance with SOP’s by our production teams. SOP’s are generated from thorough review of client product specifications and SOP’s, and training documents are created accordingly. Our production team is fully trained in compliance with client and regulatory body needs, and is routinely audited to our internal and client, auditing policies.

Customised Production allows Maverick to produce pre classed, measured and cut, pericardial templates for chilled and frozen shipping. Maverick is heavily experienced in device tissues production. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver specialised tissues for clientele that allow them enhanced yield outcomes, and often enhanced finished product performance outcomes.

Maverick cooperates with clients on further processing projects so as to allow our client to focus on the more valuable corporate activities beyond raw tissue processing.

Efficiencies may also be able to be accessed from further processing materials in Australia reducing time/temperature pressures, reducing shipping volumes and enhancing yield and product outcomes from managing production from the source of the material.

Bovine, Equine and Porcine tissues are eligible for most global markets. Shipments can be made to USA and EU within 48 hour timelines, holding temperatures of chilled tissues between 2-8° Celsius, and frozen tissues to -12° Celsius, to -70° Celsius in validated shippers.