Collagen Materials

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Collagen Materials

Maverick Biosciences has built customised supply chains for a range of collagen based matrice’ manufacturers on market and those entering human clinical trial phases.

We produce these materials for manufacturers delivering finished products as diverse as that of the Cosmetic Surgery Sector to Neurosurgery sectors.

Our yields often exceed that of “usual” materials exporters. Maverick is often utilised to support EU access of the finished device, and also as a dual source, and DISEASE RISK management solution.

The quality systems in place and procurement approach at Maverick are pivotal in ensuring our clientele meet ISO 13485 compliance needs, and obtain EDQM and CE Mark certification.

Greater Value is generated from our focus on:

  • Understanding the drivers of yield of the raw material.
  • The establishment of supremely customised (world first) supply chains to ensure our manufacturer client solidity of supply in the phases of early, late stage, and on market developments. Whilst ensuring the quality infrastructure matches regulatory body requirements at all times.

Working with our clients to understand which of their “least core/back room” operations can most effectively/efficiently be undertaken in the source country, to allow them to focus resources on more “value added” endeavours.

We make shipments held to tight temperature parameters, meeting 48 hour timelines.  A range of validated shippers can be utilised or we of course match exact requirements as required.

Animals we source from include, bovine, ovine, porcine, equine along with venison and others upon request