How many hours a day do you spend commuting? And how many days does that equal over a year?

Imagine if you could put all those hours into more quality time with your family.

In Dubbo, you can!

Maverick Bio is proud to have its roots in this vibrant regional city. And we reckon you’ll enjoy putting your roots down here, too. 

Dubbo has everything a metro city has, but with room to move! We’ve got: 

✔️ Affordability and livability – a family home with a big backyard is within your reach here.

✔️ Zero traffic, less distance to cover – no more hours wasted behind the wheel. 

✔️ A thriving food, coffee and bar scene – from cosy cafes and craft beer to fine dining and cocktail bars.

✔️ Outdoor adventures – kayak at Lake Burrendong, explore Wellington Caves, bushwalk through national parks, or get on your mountain bike.

✔️ Fun for the family – banish boredom with Taronga Western Plains Zoo, the Royal Flying Doctor Experience, Old Dubbo Gail, and the Dubbo Observatory.

✔️✔️✔️ Plus, we have excellent schools, a vibrant arts community, the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and so much more! 

We’d love to help you discover an incredible life and career in Dubbo. Explore your opportunity with Maverick Bio today.

Great opportunity. Unexpected place.

At #teammaverick, you’ll be looked after and supported to succeed. Do real work that matters and discover your career opportunity at Maverick Biosciences.


Maverick Biomaterials Recommended for 13485 Certification

Maverick Biomaterials Pty Ltd, producer of cross linked GBR1 bovine pericardium in Australia and New Zealand, was audited on 23rd November by BSi for ISO 13485 Certification. This certification will optimise Maverick Biomaterials production and export of cross linked...

Maverick Biomaterials Progressing towards 13485 Certification.

Maverick Biomaterials is making solid progress towards probable attainment of ISO 13485 certification for Q1 2012. A Notify body audit will be completed late in the year with Mavericks Quality Manager quietly confident of a successful outcome. This will be well...

12 Monthly Surveillance Audit by DNV

13th January 2011, Maverick Biosciences Limited and Maverick Biosciences (NZ) Limited today received a surveillance audit by Det Norske Veritas. There were no 'Non Conformities' found in either minor or major categories, 1 observation was noted. The Quality Management...

ISO.9001:2008 Certification

11th January 2010. Maverick Biosciences Pty Limited and Maverick Biosciences (NZ) Limited was today awarded ISO.9001:2008 certification by Det Norske Veritas, valid until 2013. It has been a very pleasing outcome in that our  investment in a Quality Management...