How Chris Lucan struck the perfect balance between career and lifestyle and at Maverick, you can, too

Chris Lucan needed a place to put down roots for his family. He also wanted a successful career with powerful opportunities to grow. Chris never imagined he’d find that place back in his childhood home of Dubbo. But with Maverick Bio, he did. Today, this high-achieving young leader is making a real global impact. And he’s doing it right from the heart of regional Australia, where he’s discovered lifestyle and affordability – and ditched the daily commute!

An unexpected opportunity

Like many teenagers who’ve grown up in regional Australia, Chris Lucan was eager to explore the world beyond his childhood home of Dubbo. He packed his bags as soon as he finished high school, ready to spread his wings and soar. Little did Chris know that one day, he’d return to this vibrant regional city to embark on an unexpected and incredible career.

Chris completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Newcastle. He then moved to Canberra, where he worked at a fibre optics company as a Research and Development Engineer. Chris got married, travelled overseas, and started a family. But after 13 years in Canberra, the bright lights of Australia’s capital city had faded. Chris also felt he’d outgrown his role, so he searched for something more.

 It was an opportunity with Maverick Bio’s Dubbo team that piqued Chris’s interest.

“I wanted a career change, but I didn’t want to move to a big city like Sydney or Melbourne,” Chris says. “We’d recently had our second child, and my wife, who’s also from Dubbo, had a strong desire to come back. I wasn’t so keen at first! But our parents lived here, and it surprised me how much I enjoyed moving back. I appreciate the ease of life in Dubbo compared to living in a city. I love it here now.”

Chris joined #teammaverick in 2015 as a Production Assistant. His integrity, can-do attitude and willingness to learn saw him promoted to Operations Manager within six months. Today, our down-to-earth yet high-achieving leader plays a critical role in our mission to improve and save lives around the world.

“One thing Maverick does really well is motivate people. It’s a business that pushes and challenges everybody to be their best. I’ve been challenged here more than I ever was in the fibre optics industry, and I’ve worked harder and learnt more as a result. It’s so rewarding to work with people who strive for excellence.”

Join real people doing real work that matters.

Explore a career at Maverick Biosciences today.

Real people, real work, real lifestyle

As Maverick Bio Operations Manager, Chris ensures the smooth running of our Production teams. The enhanced animal-derived biomaterials we produce and export are used in life-saving medical procedures and products, such as heart valves, vaccines, surgical grafts, wound care and collagen.

Chris works closely with our clients to understand their needs and maintains strong relationships with our suppliers. He oversees continuous improvement initiatives and supports his teams to do the best they can, together.

“Everything we do at Maverick contributes to our overarching goal to improve lives,” Chris reflects. “Even if I’m answering emails, I know what I’m doing is connected to that bigger picture.”

And since moving back to Dubbo, Chris’s life has vastly improved, too. Maverick may have been the company and career Chris least expected, but he says joining #teammaverick has been the best move he’s made – for his career, family, and lifestyle.

“It takes me about 10 minutes to ride to work on my bike and about five minutes in the car,” Chris says. “All the things that can make life difficult – daycare, after-school events, doctor appointments – are so much easier to manage when you don’t have a 30 or 60-minute commute to contend with.”

Chris has also discovered a real sense of community in Dubbo. He’s an active member of the local mountain biking club, while his wife and daughters are involved in a dance group. But their greatest achievement since moving to Dubbo?

“We built the dream home!” Chris says with a smile. “It’s a much larger and nicer place than we ever could have afforded had we stayed in Canberra or anywhere near the coast. The housing is more affordable here, the cost of living is cheaper, the people are friendlier. It’s a great place to raise a family.”

Primed for even greater growth

At Maverick Bio, Chris values being part of a team-based culture where everyone has each other’s back. He also appreciates the opportunities Maverick provides its people to learn, grow and succeed.

“We collaborate as a team to find the best possible solutions and outcomes. A big part of that is upskilling people and bringing them along for the journey. Maverick really does put its people first. You’re treated as a person, not a number, and they’re always trying to find ways to support their teams and educate people.”

Chris is optimistic about Maverick’s future. He sees plenty of opportunity for his career and can’t wait to help us achieve even greater growth.

“You’re never pigeonholed here. Maverick is happy to explore options with you if you’re interested in trying a different role or area. The fact I’ve had the opportunity to sit with senior management and talk about my goals has been extremely humbling. It’s been a real privilege. I feel Maverick’s really gaining momentum, and we’re going to continue to move forward in a big way. It’s an exciting ride.”

Are you interested in being part of our Australian success story? Chris offers the following three pieces of advice:

  1. “You need to be collaborative. You have to work well with others and be able to compromise.”
  2. “Be open to challenging the status quo. We’re always looking at new and better ways of doing things, so you need to be accepting of change.”
  3. “Make sure you’re willing to challenge yourself. If you’re after a 9-5 job where you go home and forget about it, it’s probably not the place for you. But if you want to be challenged every day, learn new things and make a difference, you’ll enjoy Maverick.”
Great opportunity. Unexpected place.

At #teammaverick, you’ll be looked after and supported to succeed. Do real work that matters and discover your career opportunity at Maverick Biosciences.


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