Maverick Biomaterials Pty Ltd, producer of cross linked GBR1 bovine pericardium in Australia and New Zealand, was audited on 23rd November by BSi for ISO 13485 Certification. This certification will optimise Maverick Biomaterials production and export of cross linked GBR1 bovine pericardium and further support Client success.

Maverick Biomaterials was advised that it had passed the Stage 2 Audit for ISO 13485 Certification. BSI have recommended that Maverick Biomaterials obtain ISO 13485 Certification upon independent assessment.

Final assessment will be known in January 2012.


Glutaraldehyde processing work commences in Dubbo, Australia

Maverick has been working with a number of start-up clients to resolve their need for "backroom" processing activities to be undertaken as an outsourced function so as to reduce their infrastructural investment and provide them more time and focus on key objectives....

New Zealand production of device tissues commenced on an ongoing basis

After completion of a number of validation shipments Maverick New Zealand has commenced ongoing production of device tissues this month against a clients need for a dual sourced supply chain to meet regulatory requirements, and board directives to manage disease risk....

Maverick to produce sized porcine leaflets

Maverick has this week, drafted a project plan for the production and selection of sized porcine leaflets, for fixation in Australia, prior to export. Expanding upon its success in the bovine and equine tissues area, Maverick has built a project plan for a customised...