Company Profile

Maverick Biosciences produces and exports  animalterials from GBR1 ranked Australia and New Zealand globally, creating and managing customised supply chains for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical products, neutriceuticals and collagen based products.

With offices in each country Maverick works closely with the slaughter industry throughout Australia and New Zealand, operating its own production teams to produce customised materials in complete compliance with clients’ regulatory requirements for global access of finished products. Clients requirements are 1stly well defined into mutually agreed SOP’s, training documentation packages are then generated prior to physical on site training of Maverick personnel. Production teams are trained, assessed and signed off as competent upon judgement by the qualified Training Personnel. Materials production at this point will reside under our usual Audit protocol, and training records maintained and updated as required thereafter. Compliance with ISO13485 and ISO 22442 -1, -2, -3 is readily attained by our clients, with the quality infrastructure in existence at Maverick Biosciences. ISO 22442-2 needs may also be met by collaboration with Maverick and its existing 22442-2 arrangements.

Materials produced include blood products (plasma, serums, etc) device tissues (pericardium, amnion etc ), collagen materials (tendon, hide splits etc) and tissue and glands from many species. The usual supply is based on equine, porcine and bovine production, whilst numerous other species are available upon request. A number of our global clients have requested us to take on the “least core” production of their animalterials here in Australia and New Zealand, so as to allow them to focus on higher value activities, whilst allowing us an opportunity to improve the yield and performance attributes of the animalterials and generate a deep knowledge of the relationship between raw attributes and finished product attributes, to provide a previously inaccessible pathway to overall product innovation.

Upcoming investment in purpose built facilities will enhance the type of solution able to be co-created with Maverick. Scope for Classified Cleanrooms to be brought online and certified within Maverick’s 13485 structures, in a modular format, ensure which ever the requirement, a customized supply chain solution is likely.

Australia and New Zealand are export based economies therefore animal production, slaughter, processing and export systems are well established for global compliance (Animalterials from Slaughterhouses chosen by Maverick Supply Partners would be imported to >70 countries). The European Union (EU), North America, Asia and the Middle East are routine destinations for the range of our materials in either ambient, chilled (1-8°C) or frozen (-10 to -70°C) forms, by air and by sea, as per client requirements. Significant experience with importing country requirements, export documentation and global logistics with established business relationships with clearance agents and government departments in major ports and airports, your animalterials will arrive on time, as per your manufacturing requirement.

Team Maverick are supremely focussed on ensuring our clients expectations are exceeded. Our considerable experience in this field along with our passion and commitment to contributing to your Saving Lives, is a key driver for us all. We look very much forward to receiving your inquiry, so that you may experience our Integrity, Passion and Teamwork, as we work cooperatively to design and deliver for you, a World Class Supply Chain!